Pre Roll Snap Tin
Airtight | Child Resistant | Eco-Friendly
L: 74mm x W: 58mm x H: 20mm

Item Number: CR-V5 | MOQ: 10,000

  • Airtight
  • 16 CFR§1700.20 Child Resistant Certified
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Food-Grade
  • Multi-Use Resealable
  • Customizable
  • Patent Pending


Our V5 Pre Roll Snap Tin combines safety, functionality, and sustainability in a compact pre-roll packaging solution. Crafted to accommodate pre-rolls under 74mm, this tin is the ideal eco-conscious packaging for dogwalkers, cartridges, and more.

Featuring a child-resistant snap lock closure, the V5 Tin ensures secure storage while maintaining easy access for adult users. The customizable insert trays are engineered to store and present your products perfectly.

The V5’s airtight seal guarantees the integrity and longevity of your product, preserving freshness and protecting against external factors. This design consideration shows your brand’s commitment to delivering a premium customer experience.

Choose the V5 Tin to showcase your dedication to quality and innovation. It is more than a packaging choice—it’s a way to prioritize environmental responsibility and consumer safety.


Customize the color, printing, insert trays, and wax paper of the V5 Pre Roll Snap Tin to align with your brand and enhance your product’s value. Visit our customization showcase to learn more.

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Item Number CR-V5
Name Pre Roll Snap Tin
Minimum Quantity 10,000
Material Tin Plate
Dimensions H: 74mm x W: 58mm x H: 20mm

Color, finish, & print

Printing: CMYK | Lithographic Printing

Embossing: 1.5mm & .75 mm option

Finish:  Matte, satin, semi-gloss, & glossy.